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  1. EASY SETUP Your bots can virtually configure themselves or our support staff is happy to help as well.
  2. NEVER DOWN Cloud-based automation means that regardless of where you or your team is – you have automation with a simple internet connection.
  3. ROLE SPECIFIC Your bots know who is using the software and what they need to see – you can tailor their experience to their role.
  4. SECURE Your bots gather information and think on your behalf and gather data in the most secure ways possible – surpassing bank-level security.
  5. INTEGRATED All of your automation and software tools can be at the same login, the same place and use the same process – greatly simplifying life.

Desktop App™

Download the app on your computer to allow you to securely navigate all online products in one place with more security everywhere you surf.

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Hacker Tested™

Patented security that allows you to securely visit websites from any internet connection on any wifi across the globe.

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My Online Logins™

Allows you to securely store all your usernames and passwords to every online product or provider across your life.

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My Files™

Store your files so that all the things you need are secure and easy to find when you need them.

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My Tasks™

Manage your “to-do lists” and tasks in this easy to use tool that helps you categorize tasks according to priority.

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My Bank Balances™

No need to log in to bank accounts separately – simplify your view of your finances and view all of your accounts in one place.

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My Scorekeeper™

Your financial analysis tool that connects to all of your accounts and creates the reports & dashboards you need to help make the best decisions.

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My Theft Insurance™

Protect against online security threats in your life and mitigate cyber attacks from hackers and malicious sources.

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