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FRAN Academy

Automate Your Franchise IQ

Learn From Those Before You

Education in franchising will help you to succeed.

FRAN Academy was built to educate franchisors and franchisees on the entire franchise success system. As a franchising professional, your skills and approach to your business will determine your lifestyle, your wealth, your family life, your spending habits, and your opportunities in life. We believe leaving that to chance is an unnecessary risk.

Creating more leverage starts with knowing the secrets of franchising from those who have been there and before. Know their secrets with FRAN Academy


Make franchise education a priority.

Learn On The Move

With FRAN Academy learning on the move has never been easier. Take experts wherever you go and listen to them from your pocket through a simple internet connection and your Franbox account.

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Shortcuts To Success

FRAN Academy allows you to steal the best ideas from the best minds in each area of franchising: strategy, product, marketing, sales, operations, finance and human resources.

Knowing Is Half The Battle

Imagine how much easier life would be if you always knew what to do to get to the next level. All you would have to do is put it into action. Franchising pros are great at getting things done, but we would be that much better if we always knew the best ways to do them. Know now with FRAN Academy.

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Where did you learn franchising from? A book? An expert? A program?