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Key City Insurance

Key City Insurance is a multi-generation, family-owned business. They have had a lot of success, but are always looking for ways to improve. The owner, Karl Thurman, was approached by SAVAVO to attend a 2-day Marketing Strategy Summit at Zion National Park. Although he was skeptical at first, he decided to go and see if there was anything he could use to improve his business. He has been using the Savavo platform ever since, and has seen tremendous results.

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Corner Canyon Counseling

Nothing short of a startup, clinical psychologist Deborah Christensen sought G Leavitt’s advice on marketing to go from a one person practice to a local powerhouse. After naming, branding and building the company and after a short 1 year engagement, Dr.Christensen was able to build a practice that she leads instead of works in. With 5 therapists on her team, a brand new building and a boat load of new clients, things are good at Corner Canyon Counseling.

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Therapia Addiction Recovery

After years of SEO and PPC campaign spend, Savavo and Therapia teamed up to increase conversion rates starting on just the Google Adwords campaign that Therapia had deployed. Making minor changes to the marketing strategy deployed for Google Adwords per his Savavo Marketing team’s instructions, Ben was able to cut his cost to acquire a lead (generate a phone call) by over 70%, without modifying the budget!

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My Choice Software

My Choice Software, a technology product consultancy and e-commerce store achieved immediate results after simply learning the Savavo marketing plan methodology. Owner Daniel Parker stated that “we got ROI the very first day we even used the tool.” Mr Parker’s group of companies is using the tool to streamline marketing and sales processes across 3 entities.

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Ellsworth & Bennion

Ellsworth & bennion, an attorney group in Las Vegas, NV experienced a direct mail phenomenon when G Leavitt wrote the letter for their direct mail campaign and sent that letter via the Savavo direct mail execution network and got a record 7% response rate on the very first mailing. Calls came in from prospects until months later.

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Auerbach International Inc.

Auerbach International, a pioneer in the translation services industry, has experienced increased competition in the past few years resulting in decreased sales. After hiring three marketing consultants and two separate lead generation firms with very little results they turned to Savavo for help.

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Gap Engineering Construction & Inspection

GAP Engineering is a successful engineering company specializing in the implementation of automation projects. President and Co-Founder, Mike Homma, was referred to SAVAVO by a trusted advisor who was helping him with messaging and customer acquisition.

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