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Our Why. Our vision. Our mission. Our story.


“The business enterprise has two and only two basic functions: Marketing and Innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs.”

Peter Drucker Father of Management Theory


Our Mission & Vision

  • Vision Statement: Turn selling into a science.
  • Why Statement: Prevent small businesses from failure.

Our Beliefs

  • OWN YOUR MARKET: We believe that marketing is the core function of your business regardless of what you sell. We believe that marketing and sales systems and acumen should be the primary focus of the executives of the organization. We believe that the quality of the marketing department is a direct reflection of the growth of the business. The spirit of Savavo is owning your market by being the company with the best customer acquisition.

Our Icon

  • THE COUGAR: The cougar is the ultimate symbol of our company and our goal. The cougar is the most successful and ubiquitous big cat in the world. The cougar is one of the most strategic animals in the animal kingdom and gets more from the effort and resources it spends than any animal of its kind. The cougar is at the top of the food chain and OWNS THE MARKET he is in. He lives at the top of the market, difficult to catch, difficult to chase. An extremely rare creature that few ever get to witness. The cougar is you and I. The cougar is a symbol for our journey in business and his character and approach are worthy of ultimate emulation.